Ayanjo is a professional creative total theatre business that engages in transformation of the indigenous art from its grassroot into a standard end entertainment to her audience. We make use of indigenous musical instruments, dance, chant and drama to promote and promulgate the fascinating cultural heritage of Nigeria to the world.
Ayanjo as an cultural dance-theatre company in Lagos is endorsed by the the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, National Council for Arts And Culture and International Organization of Folk Art (IOV). We use our artistic province as a measure to educate, enlighten, inform and to communicate the fascinating heritage of Nigeria to the society at large.

Our Mission

Our mission is aimed at promoting the reserved indigenous cultural values of Nigeria through dances of our land, stage plays, story telling, chant, drama, folk-music, traditional fitness programs, employee wellness programs and cultural festivals. Bringing back lost histories of legends, ancestors, respectable icons and mostly our moral values to both the young and old of this generation and future.

Our Vision

– We create opportunity to offer our community a highly innovative format for art and dance development that can literally go anywhere.

– We are committed to creating works that generates conversation and interaction between the stake holders and audience bringing classes in dance/art appreciation, history and legendary research.

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Who We Are

Dancing is a historical tradition that has been alive at social and occupational functions for centuries. In recent years, entertainment and health benefit of dance has provided its long lasting presence in human lives. It is on our media, music and day to day social functions. It isn't usually thought by parent to child (children) alone but people now seek for schools where they can learn the art. From indigenous/cultural dances, aerobic fitness, dance sports and modern/contemporary dances being considered as medically important for the health of both men, women, young and old.

AYANJO is dedicated to always exhibit quality, authentic and affordable dances and theatrical performances, trainings and cultural administration to Nigerians and the world at large. We document and preserve various indigenous choreographic works and histories (ritual/religious, recreational, occupational and rite of passage) of both old and modern techniques, styles, iconic, historical and theatrical performances, so to incorporate the existing dance community into our reserved archive as a strong base for dance art supporters and enthusiasts. Ayanjo, being a cultural dance company based in Lagos- the economic capital of Nigeria, there are many benefits to dancing that attract people from many backgrounds and interests.

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Ayanjo promotepreservepromulgate cultural value and heritage of the old and renovate it for the future.

Oriyomi Joseph ORi Deputy Director Drama/Research

Oriyomi Joseph is a multi talented performing artiste who is vast in the area of Dance, Drums, Acting, Recitation, singing and chanting. Also, can be found creative in crafts, design, drawing and painting. A total performer in Theatre who has also exhibited credible skills in films.. eg. NO BUDGET, THE CALL, APASAYE...to mention few. Had his elimentary school and college in Lagos also higher institution. Originated from the royal lineage of the Ojomu of Ajiran kingdom, Ikota, Ajah, Eti-osa local government, Lagos, Nigeria. Popularly known as ORí has remarkable experience in media arts, radio, tv and film. He has worked as a trainer on quite a number of television reality shows eg. Airtel Nigeria's Got Talent, Pepsi's Nigerian Idol, Glo X-Factor, Lasu's Got Talent(as a judge)etc. Currently showing on cable channels, Africa's number 1 comedy tv series on Africa magic, DStv. Africa's most viewed tv. program known as THE JOHNSON a NATIVE MEDIA Productions.


Effiong Helen Tom Dance Researcher/Dancer

ANIETIE HELEN EFFIONG is a versatile dance artiste, a native of Akwa Ibom State, graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) Ogun state, Helen has performed both locally, national and internationally. Choreographed on various stage and screen productions. Mrs HELEN is an easy going beautiful dance director who loves traveling and swimming.

Ayilara Kayode Voice/Actor

A bright and talented artiste, driven by passion that focuses in preserving, promoting the rich and endowed culture within Nigeria and in diaspora. Kayode is a reseult-driven individual with excellent eye for our organisations success at heart, couple with our wonderful services and customers satisfaction.

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BIRIPO (Ondo State)

A Traditional Music among the Ìlàjẹ In Yorubaland. Biripo is a major traditional music among Ilaje, Apoi and Ikale peoples in Ondo State of Nigeria. It does not only provide entertainment but also teaches cultural values among which are peace, unity, productivity and citizenship. Biripo refers therefore to compendiums of wit-laden compositions derived from the people’s tradition and delivered orally as chants (with pitch bend) or as songs at various occasions. It is as old as the people themselves. Biripo forms part of the day-to-day running's of Ikale nation. It is used for entertainment, solidarity, ritual purpose, and for teaching moral. It is handed down from one generation to another through imitation and apprenticeship in minstrelsy, orally.


The Igede tribe is one of the many tribes in Nigeria and part of Benue state to be precise. They are among the third largest group in Benue state and occupies two local government areas (L.G.A.’s), Oju and Obi and part of Konshisha and Gwer west respectively. The Igede people are hard working and accommodating, this friendly trait have allowed them coexist and mix freely with other tribes any where they find themselves across the country.

DANCE AND MUSIC: This tribe have a distinctive style of Music and Dance. Their fast style of music is completed by an equally high energetic dance that will leave anyone amuse and wanting more. Their music genre include:
A. Ogirinye, known as the dance of war for the real and heroic men.
B. Akata, the youth music band.
C. Aita, the entertainment music, and in some part of Igede like the Uwokwu and Irabi-Ito have the Ebwoh festival music etc. The different music genre have a peculiar masquerade that makes each of the music band more fascinating.

CULTURAL ATTIRES: Igede cultural attire has three colours. The Blue white and black cultural dress is equally unique as it distinguishes the Igede man from other tribes in the country.

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People living in the ancient town of Warri often looked with nostalgia to the season of Awankere, also called Umale Okere, an annual masquerade festival with epicentre of the celebration at Okere main square. It’s a mix of culture, tradition, dancing and humour. Umale Okere is virtually the most popular Itsekiri festival in Warri with so much social fun and excitement, attracting indigenes and non-indigenes alike beyond ethnic divide. Visitors and residents of Warri, including eminent personalities from all walks of life converge at Okere to watch the festival. All young and old, including children, line up on both sides of the expansive Okere Road from Esisi junction to the centre point, a massive crowd, jostling curiously to catch a glimpse of the masquerades, men and women dancing to the traditional drum beats with amidst sexy, obscene remarks by women and tantalizing songs, emotional and romantic. The elegance and beauty of the festival, graced by the masquerades in attires almost akin to the costume and apparels worn by Eyo masquerades in Lagos during Adamorisha festival are amazing.


We are committed in putting best foot first in the Art industry by telling the facts/historical stories through different medium such as Dance, Theatre, Storytelling, Documentary, Instrumentation, Folklore, Festival and to the modern contemporary acts.