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In Ayanjo, we offers a place where everyone can learn to dance, act, drum, meet new people, have fun and feel comfortable. The company offers a varied historical facts, dance and drumming program with price options for all level of interest, with greater emphasis on ground classes and small package sessions to reach dance skill objectives. Our instructors have access to continual training with some of the areas top professional coaches. This provides students with up to date steps and technique and access to the latest dance trends.

We keep our prices in line with the lower cost of living expenses of the people of Lagos and beyond. The company offers wide variety of very competitive packages. AYANJO teachers are well trained in the latest trends and with up to date styling of todays dances, couple with top notch theories and facts. AYANJO plans to partner with many of the studios in Lagos so that the company can keep up with the trends of the big city and offer more variety to current and future students.

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Why Us?

  • Dance History
  • Professionals
  • Indigenous Art
  • Nutrition/Cousine
  • Concerts
  • Festivals/Carnivals
  • Consultation
  • Trado-Fitness

Our Objectives

Maintain a dance studio with warm, supportive atmosphere, which is based on satisfying customers, we provide a social and entertainment forum for people with diverse interests, backgrounds and ages. Also provide dance training for students at all level of dance, from beginners to advanced.

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Key to Success

Keys to success for the company will includes:

Maintaining a reputable and untarnished reputation in the community. Quality dance, body fitness and drum-circle instruction and guidance,  Competitive pricing.